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Dual Domestic Installation

This was a dual installation at the same site. Our client already had solar on their recently built annex but their usage was still sky high! 

They approached us from a recommendation for a solution to their energy bills and to explore the possibility of a new installation on their daughter’s house in the same plot of land. 

We specified and installed a 4.74KW array with 8.2Kw of FOX ESS Energy Cubes for each property. We also tied in their existing ‘dumb’ inverter to our new hybrid inverter so it reads and displays production of the existing array. 

It also enables our system to monitor all generation from both arrays and modulate its power/ charging accordingly. All done though a G98 application with an approved export limiting device!

If you have an existing solar system but want to explore another array or coupled battery storage then get in touch with our friendly team for some free, no obligation advice!


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